A Patient’s Guide to Immediate Dentures

If you are going to undergo multiple tooth extractions, the dentist in 78753 will help you with the procedure. When you opt for immediate dentures, they will be ready on the same day as your tooth extraction. Let’s explore more:

The Procedure for Immediate Dentures

Instead of having to wait for several months for your gum tissue to heal and for the permanent dentures to be ready for replacement, you can have the same day dentures placed immediately.

Before tooth extraction, the dentist will take the dental impressions and images so that the lab can create your dentures. On the day of tooth extraction itself, the dentures will be ready to be placed in your mouth.

Benefits of Same Day Dentures

Your dentist in Austin, TX will be able to match the size, color, and shape of the natural teeth more accurately if the dentures are prepared prior to your tooth extractions. With the same day dentures, you won’t have to suffer with lost teeth for months, before you receive the permanent dentures. You can feel confident and happy about your smile.

The dentist near me says that you won’t have to modify your speech patterns and oral habits while being without teeth after tooth extractions and then again when you get the permanent dentures. You can also eat all of your favorite foods after the extraction and there would be no diet restrictions.

Immediate Denture Care

You will wear immediate dentures for about six months and then your dentist will evaluate the fit and comfort level of the dentures. He will make the required adjustments about the shape and size of the dentures. After a series of modifications, sometimes, the immediate dentures end up being the permanent dentures for many people. In other cases, the dentist may use same day dentures as merely a temporary measure after tooth extractions. He will then, place permanent dentures when your gums and bones have healed.

Immediate dentures have many benefits which is why many people are embracing them. You can consult the Peak Dental clinic for information on immediate dentures.

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