Benefits of Single-Tooth Dental Implants

It is normal for people to lose at least one tooth as they age. Losing a tooth is not just a cosmetic issue but can also lead to several other dental hazards. Have you recently lost a tooth or planning to get a tooth extracted? You must consider getting Single-Tooth Dental Implants for restoring your smile and preventing potential dental issues.

How Can Losing a Tooth Impact Your Mouth?

Most of us believe that our teeth have only role that is to aid in speaking and eating. However, they also stimulate the bone by going deep into the jaws and skull. In absence of the tooth, the bone will become weaker due to lack of stimulation. People with missing tooth also have the risk of facial deformities, tooth decay, gum diseases, and malocclusion. Though dentures can help in combating few of these issues but they are not enough.

About Dental Implants

The Dental Implants are newest and long-term treatments for your mouth after losing a tooth. They have also emerged as one of the most popular treatments. The Dental implant procedure consists of anchoring a titanium rod in the skull or jaw through the hole which is created by missing tooth. A small device is attached on the top of the rod which acts as saddle for your crown. The crowns are custom made as per the size and shape of the patients teeth so that it appears like a natural tooth and doesn’t look the odd one out.

The reason why Dental Implants are so popular is that the procedure is safe and done only after thorough examination and considering the medical history.

Dental Implant Procedure

The procedure for Dental Implants is not very complex and may take around an hour. In the process, the implant will be anchored into the bone. After the mouth is healed and the bone attached with the implant, a crown is attached for the final touch.

The dentists and his team will look at your medical history and inspect for any underlying infection, dental issues, or gum disease before commencing the treatment.

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