Dental Sealants: The Possible Answer to All of Your Dental Problems

Whether it be you or your child that is currently experiencing an influx or problems associated with dental cavities, it can be hard to be encouraged to visit the dentist. Even with a great dental hygiene regimen that includes daily brushing and daily flossing, the possibility of dental cavities may still be present. There are few patients that are genetically predisposed to experience tooth decay, and with that as a possibility, your options may be slim. One thing that can help in this whole process is dental sealants. In the following article, we will take a look at what they are and why they can help you.

What are Sealants For?

Dental sealants are primarily for patients that are prone to tooth decay. Being prone to tooth decay can be a result of genetic predisposition, large nooks and crannies or grooves in the teeth, or a bad diet. For those that see no end in sight to tooth decay, dental sealants work to cover over and smooth the teeth in order to keep food particles from wreaking havoc on your mouth.

How are they Applied?

Dental sealants are not only one of the easiest, but the most practical in terms of finances for many patients. To begin the dental sealant process, the teeth are lightly buffed to expose a bit of enamel to ensure long-lasting bonds. A special solution is then applied to each tooth to reinforce bonding. After these steps are done, then the dental sealant solution is painted onto each tooth individually. Each tooth takes about 1 to 2 minutes, and the remaining solution is then cured by special UV light.

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