Endodontic Microsurgery Can Save Teeth when Root Canal Treatment Cannot

Usually, non-surgical root canal treatment is only preferred for any endodontic problem. There are a few chances where this treatment is not successful in saving the tooth. Therefore, the dentist in 78753 suggests endodontic microsurgery. It is an advanced procedure which is performed using a high-tech dental microscope.

New in microsurgery

The techniques, materials and instruments used in the execution of apical surgery have modified due to the advanced technology. It has significantly improved the microsurgery process, the application for the procedure, success rate and healing power.

Before the microscope, specialists used their eyes to identify the root canal that each canal of an individual may be uniquely shaped.
The infected root canal needs more attention and the microscope is the best instrument for cleaning and shaping it.

Microsurgery is useful

  • Extensive diagnosis

When you are in pain and the problem is not identified through x-rays, microsurgery can determine the tiny fractures or hidden canals which an eye is also not able to detect.

  • Enhanced cleaning and sealing

The build-up of calcium makes the canal very narrow which is difficult for a dentist in Austin to do regular cleaning and use shaping instruments. The tooth can be cleaned and sealed with the endodontic microsurgery.

  • Save a tooth

With the following treatments, dentists fail to heal a tooth and symptoms keep coming back in months or years. Therefore, endodontic microsurgery can save a tooth when regular root canal treatment fails to work.

  • Treatment of disease has spread

Endodontic microsurgery helps in treating the areas where the disease has spread to the surface of the tooth root or into the nearby bones.

To carry out any procedure for saving a tooth, a dental microscope is used. Apicoectomy is usually done when the infection spreads. The gum tissue near the tooth is opened to see the bone and remove diseased tissue. It is sealed with a filling and few stitches.

Search a dentist near me to save a tooth with endodontic microsurgery. It is a comfortable procedure and you can go back to your normal routine from next day.

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