How Can You Fix Dental Bridge Problems

dental bridge is one of the options for replacing missing teeth. It enables you to speak, eat, and smile just like before without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable, says the dentist in 78753. Before the implants came into the picture, bridges were developed and used on all teeth, including the front teeth. Today, for most of the parts, bridges are used for replacing the molars. Implants and veneers are often considered better for front teeth, says the dentist near you.

Dental Bridge Issues

  • Food Particles Around Bridge

The dentist in Austin, says that one of the main issues with bridges is food. Though the particles are tiny, they can build-up over time and cause the bridge problems, if not cleaned away immediately.

  • Calculus Build-Up

Tartar or calculus is the plaque build-up on teeth, which hardens quickly and gets accumulated around bridge and teeth. If it is not cleaned, it can damage the bridge and also lead to bleeding and gum diseases.

  • Poor Bridge Hygiene

It is important to brush the bridge and teeth using floss and micro-brush for removing the debris and plaque from them. Poor oral hygiene affects the bridges in the long run.

  • Dental Bridge Damage

Just like braces, you need to stay away from hard foods such as candies, carrots, nuts, etc. or else you can risk damaging the dental bridge.

How to Prevent Dental Bridge problems?

  • Clean the bridge as much as possible and brush twice a day along with flossing.
  • Make sure that the bridge fits correctly. In case of loose bridge, visit your dentist right away.
  • Stay away from the hard stuff such as ice, nuts, almonds, fresh veggies, candies, and crunchy foods.
  • Be gentle while brushing.
  • Go for regular checkups to the dentist, so that they can evaluate the condition of your bridge and dental health and do the needful.
  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash after brushing your teeth or after having a meal when you are not able to brush.
  • Invest in a toothbrush designed especially for cleaning the small and tight spaces where plaque gathers in your teeth.

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