The Future of Endodontics: GentleWave Procedure

Endodontics and dentistry has advanced with time. Newer technologies are developed for the comfort of patients and doctors alike. Being diagnosed with an infection within your root canal system is probably the last thing you want. Well dentist near me says that there is a new innovative technology that can prevent infections in the root canal treatment. GentleWave Procedure is the next big advancement that will revolutionize endodontics and how root canal treatments are performed.

What is GentleWave Procedure

GentleWave procedure is very less invasive than the standard root canal treatments. The process involves Multisonic Ultracleaning technology that enables fluids involved in the treatment through the entire root canal system. It cleans the intricate channel protecting the nerves and blood vessels within the tooth’s anatomy. GentleWave procedure has taken years of research and case studies. Then the technology was developed where less tools are used for root canal procedure says dentist in Austin.

What’s Different About GentleWave

According to dentist in 78753 some patients complain how their tooth with root canal feels different than other teeth. They have pain once in a while. Patients having RCT- Root Canal Therapy can actually bid goodbye to recurring cases of pain and discomfort.

Nobody wants to endure the pain and discomfort that they suffer when they undergo the root canal procedure. Unlike the traditional root canal procedure, GentleWave is able to reach all throughout your tooth ensuring the best and effective results.

The GentleWave procedure helps in providing tissue dissolution of eight and ten times quicker than ultrasonic devices and needle irrigation, respectively.

If you have gotten a traditional root canal and are facing issues then GentleWave is good in providing the solution. The issue that arises with the traditional root canal is that the method can in some cases leave bacteria behind and cause problems. With the help of GentleWave, the system is fully cleaned prior to sealing your tooth with gutta-percha and making it a very successful treatment. GentleWave is also preferred in case of getting complex root canals done, like those performed on molars.

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