What to Expect During a Dental Bonding Procedure?

[Are you looking for an inexpensive way to improve the cosmetic appeal of your teeth? Dental bonding is a procedure that can give the results you desire without draining your pockets]

To ensure you have a confident and beautiful smile, our clinic offers dental bonding is Austin for chipped, cracked or discolored teeth. It is a simple procedure where a composite material resembling the color of teeth is applied onto a tooth, sculpted into shape, hardened and finally dried. As the name bonding suggests, the material bonds to your tooth to help improve shape, color and size. Our dentist in Austin recommends dental bonding for small cosmetic dental work such as fixing a broken or chipped tooth or closing gaps between teeth. it can also be used on patients with small cavities as it is better looking compared to silver fillings.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Like every other dental procedure, a little preparation is needed before the dental work is done. The great thing about dental bonding is that it requires little advanced preparation. If you have the procedure done by our dentist in Pflugerville, sedation hardly used, unless the bonding is being done to a decayed tooth or the tooth’s shape needs to be changed or you have a chip near the nerves. When selecting the composite-resin color to use on the bonding procedure, our dentist will use a shade guide, in order to find the closest match to the color of your teeth. however, if you seek to brighten your teeth with the procedure, a lighter shade of composite resin will be used.

With everything set, the next step is to apply the bonding material. First, the surface of the tooth being treated will be roughened and conditioning liquid will be applied. Doing so will help the bonding material properly stick to the tooth. The resin is then applied, molded and smoothened to your desired shape. To help the resin dry, a bright blue light or a laser is used. Once the resin is hardened and well-bonded, we will give it a final trim and shaping, then it will be polished and the procedure is complete. The entire procedure takes between 30 to 60 minutes to complete, but this may vary depending on how many teeth are being fixed.

Caring for Your Bonded Teeth

After getting dental bonding in our Pflugerville clinic, we will advise you on how to care for them. Within the first two days after having the procedure, you need to avoid taking tea, coffee or tobacco as there is a high chance of staining then. After that there is usually no special care required for bonded teeth, other than continuing with a regular good oral care routine. Brush your teeth at least twice every day, floss at least once and rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash one or two times a day. You also need to stick to your regular dental check-ups and cleanings which should be at least twice every year.

Proper oral hygiene will help your bonded teeth last long but combining that with proper oral habits will make them last even longer. Our dentist at 78660 advices patients to resist from behaviors such as biting their nails, chewing on pens, ice or any other hard objects or even using your teeth to open bottles and cans. Also be observant of your teeth and any time you feel the texture has changed or that you have any sharp edges, make sure to immediately call or visit a dentist near you. We also provide dental emergency services and therefore you can come in at any time without an appointment and you will be attended to.

Are There Risks Associated with Teeth Bonding?

There are no major risks associated with dental bonding. You however need to know that the bonding material used is not as strong as your natural enamel. It is therefore possible for it to chip or even separate from your tooth. This is why you are advised not to engage in any habits that may damage or weaken the resin. Also, if you drink a lot of coffee or you smoke, chances are that your bonded teeth will discolor with time.

If our dentist thinks that you are not a great candidate for bonding, then he can recommend crowns, veneers or fillings, depending on your issue.

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