Why Consider Pediatric Dentistry over Your Family Dentist for Your Child?

Are you looking for a reliable dentist for your child and considering several things? You may want to ensure your childís teeth are well cared for, your child is comfortable with the dentist to have a good experience, and to make sure you can have a positive relationship with the dentist.

One question that is asked by many people is whether the child should be taken to their family dentist or a pediatric dentist. In this article, we will look at the differences between the two professionals to help you decide which one is better for your child.

What Are Family Dentists?

Family dentists are no different than general dentists. Instead of specializing in a specific field of dentistry such as orthodontics or endodontics they provide a complete range of services. General dentists at times restrict the age of people they treat but family dentists provide oral health care to all people regardless of their ages.

Family dentists may have some special skills but they are usually focusing on general issues like reducing the buildup of plaque around the teeth, treating tooth decay, filling cavities and making sure the gums are healthy. When they are approached by patients with a severe problem they often refer the patient to a specialist.

What Are Pediatric Dentists?

Pediatric dentists like all professionals in the field attained for years of dental school before receiving a bachelorís degree. However, they also undergo an additional 2 to 3 years of training, unlike general dentists. The specialized training educates them on how to deal with childrenís behavior, make kids feel comfortable, and attend to the unique dental needs and issues of children. Training and qualifications for treating children with special needs are also provided to pediatric dentists.

If you decide to take your child to the clinic specializing in pediatric dentistry near you you will observe that their offices are designed around children. The clinic will have a play area and will be using tools that are kid-friendly. The pediatric dentists will be making extra efforts to explain dental procedures and terms to your child. As pediatric dentists are only treating children their experience enables them to quickly identify issues that are unique to children and help to solve them as well.

The Benefits of Both Pediatric and Family Dentists

When deciding between the two professionals it will be helpful for you to weigh the benefits both can offer you and your child. Let us begin by looking at the benefits offered by a family dentist.

  • The same dentist will be treating you and your child during the visit.
  • Family dentists are comfortable treating children despite having less experience with them than pediatric dentists.
  • Sometimes they provide multiple specialties under a single roof.

Now let us look at the benefits of choosing a pediatric dentist for your child.

  • Pediatric dentists have received an additional 2 to 3 years of training which enables them to specialize in treating children.
  • The pediatric dentist in Austin only treats children and therefore has more experience with kids.
  • Pediatric dentistsí offices tend to have kid-friendly environments designed to ensure children have a great time.
  • The pediatric dentist in Pflugerville users smaller and kid-friendly dental tools.
  • The knowledge they have about preventive dental care for children is extensive.
  • Children with special needs receive optimal care from the pediatric dentist in Austin, TX.

A family dentist can certainly provide the attention to your childís dental care needs and assist in preventing cavities but they are unable to provide the specialized care your child would receive from pediatric dentistry in Pflugerville, TX.

If you are uncertain about the best choice for your child it is suggested that you schedule a consultation with both professionals. Discuss with the†pediatric dentist in Austin, TX, by visiting their office as well as a family dentist to determine what works best for you and your child.

The professionals will be happy to schedule a consultation that will give you and your child a good feel of both options. This step can instill self-confidence in you that your child will have a great experience with the dentist. The pediatric dentistry in Pflugerville, TX, is a great place to investigate the benefits of pediatric dentistry. They would be happy to meet you if you call them right away to†schedule a consult.ation

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